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All Furreka microchips are listed in the National Database through www.PetMicrochipLookUp.org

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Furreka is dedicated to ensuring that every dog and cat is microchipped and registered. Our microchips are affordable and our Lifetime Registration is free. We want all lost pets to be reunited with their human companions.

Our Furreka Team is ready to serve you 24/7 and can assist you in either registering your pet, helping locate your lost pet, or finding the owner of a found pet.

Besides contacting the veterinary hospitals and animal shelters in your area, we may also use local social media to reunite owners with their pets.

And of course… we have our Free and EZ Registration for all Furreka clients and Free for non-Furreka microchips. It takes less then a minute to sign up.

We are your pet’s microchip and recovery team! “Furreka…I Found You!”

Dr. Rob Santos, DVM


Price includes Lifetime Registration

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You can also call us Toll Free @1-844-387-7352 or 1-844-Furreka or Text us at 1-916-634-8832


What you get…

  • Sterile, Frequency 134.2 KHz, 1.4 X 8 mm ISO standard mini-microchip that you or your veterinarian can administer
  • Free Lifetime Registration
  • *Free shipping within the US
  • 8 microchip labels with chip ID number
  • Bio-compatible, anti-migration coating
  • Instructions with pictures on how to administer the microchip yourself
  • One magnet so you can easily access your pet’s microchip number
  • One weather and wear resistant collar ID tag with Furreka contact info
  • One Furreka collar tag that can double for a keychain. Keeps Furreka info at your fingertips.
  • Extra ring for larger collars
  • Access to a Furreka Assistant 24/7
  • An aggressive Furreka Pet Recovery Team
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This sweet pup was reunited within hours of going missing all because of a microchip!

Another Furreka pet gets reunited with its owner.

These two found pets were taken to Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital in Turlock for a Safe House until their owners could be found. They are microchipped and will be reunited with their owners.

This sweetheart was reunited with its owner within minutes of being brought to Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital in Turlock to scan for a microchip.